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Let's Get Involved

Nigeria’s literary icon Chinua Achebe in his classic book “An Image of Africa” written in 1983 shares these provoking thoughts on Nigeria “…Whenever two Nigerians meet, their conversation will sooner or later slide into a litany of our national deficiencies. The “trouble with Nigeria” has become the subject of our small talk in much the same way that the “weather” is for the English. But there is a great danger in consigning a life and death issue to small talk. National bad habits are a serious matter, we resign ourselves to them at our own peril”.   I have spent the last fifteen years of my adult life building organizations, building people and trying very hard to build a good life for myself and my family. In these years I have written over 100 newspaper articles, posted and made an uncountable number of comments on social media, spoken on scores of TV and Radio Programs, delivered seminars and workshops to tens of thousands of people, written books and engaged my fellow Nigerians o