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Why YOU must #GetInvolved

There are three sides to politics - demand (the voters), supply (the candidates and parties) and regulation (INEC and law enforcement agencies)- pretty much the same with every industry.  Thankfully, in a democratic society like Nigeria, you have a chance to participate on any of these sides. The challenge is that too many well-educated and exposed people believe that politics is a dirty game and that they should FLEE from all appearances of it.  The challenge with that narrow way of thinking is that politics affects everything - the quality of education, infrastructure, healthcare, security, sanitation - everything! The decisions that political actors make affect our livelihood and well-being, so keeping away completely from politics is like a group of people watching the TV with an elephant in the parlour and pretending it is not there.  Everyone cannot be an entrepreneur in the same way that everyone cannot be a political office holder. However, we all can be good employees and by e