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Why We Need To Get Involved

Most educated and privileged people in Nigeria will agree that while they have achieved varying level of success and growth in their families, careers and businesses over the years, the same success has not been replicated in the country as a whole.  The biggest contributing factor to this declining quality of life for most Nigerians according to most analysts is the lack of POLITICAL WILL. The inability of political leaders and actors to drive the initiatives required to provide positive governance outcomes for all Nigerians.  This political will, however, comes from an interplay of forces - the “demand for politics” - the capacity and actions of the voters and the supply of politics - the capacity and actions of the politicians and political parties.  On the demand side, the twin factors of low voter turn-out (especially among the educated middle class and youth) and poor quality of decision-making (based on monetary inducements; form over substance; ethnic/religious biases) stifle t