How Are Elections Rigged

One of the reasons why many educated and enlightened people do not bother voting in Nigerian elections is that they believe that elections will be rigged anyway. Little do they know that in reality, the chances of rigging only exist and increase when registered voters do not actually go out to vote. 

Let’s explore this with an example: You see if there are 1,000 registered voters at a polling unit and only 300 of them show up, it means that corrupt party officials can collude with corrupt election officials and security agents to finger-print unused ballot papers in alleys and empty buildings near the polling units and then stuff the empty ballot boxes with these fake ballots. This is how rigging happens!

If on the other hand, all the 1,000 registered voters show up, there will be no excess un-used ballot papers to finger-print and stuff and even if fake additional ballot papers are introduced later, the total number of votes counted at the polling unit will exceed the 1,000 maximum and the election in that polling unit will be cancelled - as we have seen happen a few times in the past. 

The only other way that elections are rigged is when the polling unit agents of the parties actually collude with each other to betray their parties and candidates. A former Nigerian Deputy Senate President, the Late Ibrahim Mantu confessed on a TV interview about how this works, so do not be deceived by evil politicians who want us to believe that elections were rigged without the collusion of their own party members. 

(Watch interview here:

The truth is that if we all went out to vote especially in the urban areas that are less prone to violence, we will get a chance to elect truly remarkable people who from time offer themselves as candidates in elections in Nigeria, but often cannot get the votes they need because too many people refuse to vote based on this myth that the elections will be rigged anyway. 

Rather than keep assuming that elections will be rigged, come out to exercise your vote - #LetsGetInvolved 


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