Our Votes DO Count

You often hear people say rather dismissively about politics that “our votes don’t count”. This statement was spun in the deepest recesses of hell by Satan himself to deceive Nigerians and to prevent us from exercising our democratic franchise. In a country where only 12% of eligible voters actually vote, saying these words only discourages people further from voting. 

So, let’s examine the veracity of this statement. If our votes do not count, why do evil politicians spend a fortune giving out gifts and inducements to voters before elections? Why do incumbents go around with public funds under the guise of state-sponsored empowerment initiatives to give out cash gifts and incentives while wearing party T-shirts just before elections? Why did we see videos of people exchanging cash for pictures of their ballot papers after elections in Nigeria? 

The answer is simple, evil politicians are not stupid! They will not spend all that money and resources on trying to “buy the love” of voters if your votes do not count. So, your votes certainly count. However, because evil politicians want to ensure that educated and exposed people stay away from politics, their merchants of politics usually spin this narrative and guess what, not only do the educated elite believe it, they even parrot it on behalf of these evil politicians. 

Successive generations of young people who turn 18 years and are eligible to vote hear that parents, family members and religious leaders who they respect saying “Our votes do not count”. How do you think it makes them feel - your guess is as good as mine: they decide not to bother about getting a voter’s card, and even if they have one, they decide not to vote!

Please stop adding flames to an already dangerous situation by lending credence to the lie that our votes do not count. Our votes count, it’s just that in the last 20 years more and more people have been sold this LIE. 

Go out, get a Voters Card, show up on the election day, vote and #LetsGetInvolved, and the next time you hear someone say “Our Votes Don’t Count” respond powerfully with the words ‘Get Behind Me Satan”


  1. I've always believed in exercising my Civic right. I'm 57 and since I turned 18 I've never missed to cast my vote. Why? I believe casting my vote gives me the right to demand good governance. If I don't vote then I can't blame anyone or demand for anything. My vote is my right and I will exercise it and demand for good governance.

    1. You are absolutely correct, please do not relent #LetsGetInvolved


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